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Christopher Scharpf (
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I agree completely! But here's the deal: If unscrupulous collecting of
welaka is taking place for hobbyists and/or the European aquarium trade,
then wildlife officials will eventually be moved into action, and *all*
native fishkeepers may get the blame. In this way, NANFA might be found
guilty by association. And who knows, access to other (non-imperiled)
natives might be denied. But if NANFA issues a pre-emptive policy statement
against the collection of welaka, then NANFA -- and hence all native-fish
enthusiasts -- will appear responsible and pro-active.

Heck, it might be a good idea to issue such a statement *now*, as a
precautionary measure. Send the statement to all state DNRs in the welaka's
range, alerting them to the potential for unscrupulous collecting, and
urging them to survey all populations and conclusively determine the
conservation status of the species. NANFA could throw a few dollars in to
help support the work.

Perhaps some of you LA-MS-FL members can form a welaka work group. Heck, if
a bunch of animal right nutcases can keep mute swans from being killed, why
can't NANFA help protect the most beautiful minnow in North America?


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> Yes I agree, but.............
> A NANFA moratorium will not stop an unscrupulous collector who could really
> care less about such sentiments.
> BG
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>> I gotta agree with Martin on this one....but *only* if we can convincingly
>> show that the species is in dire straits.
>> Chris
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