Re: NANFA-- Bluenose shiner news

Steffen Hellner (
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:08:56 +0200

That4s burocracy! Thanks for the information. From the states server the
information was obvious for me as a foreigner.

BTW - from Peru just recently I have heard rumors that a certain area was
literally plundered by as they said Japanese fish hobbyists or traders.
Whatever and whoever - the commercial "collecters" are all around in all
sectors of animal interest. Look at the situation in Brazil: anybody with
even a birds feather in his luggage will be punished as "eco-terrorist".
This is no joke but practise! Two Germans have been arrested in february
when trying to bring fish from Barcelos to Manaus. Just some for personal
use. One was released in late May the socond somewhat later. The court will
take place in September. Deposit/file was about 10.000 Euro for each person.
On the other hand any kind of animal is exported from Brazil, many of them
illegally but with official authorization. There is a huge powerful
animal-mafia there controlling the business. And there are many more people
all around the world with similar characters.

One way to avoide illegal collecting or even plundering would be to hide
sites from the very public. But there are so many localities at public
access already that I presume it too late for that.