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>I think threatening and courting male fishes are the most beautiful
>and interesting sight both in the wild and in the aquarium [eg. when
>my male red shiners contest each other and make circles]. Wondering
>does SRBD keep their bellies red most of the time [like red shiner] or
>just during the spawning season?

In my experience, MRBD-Phoxinus oreas and SRBD-Phoxinus erythrogaster
go in and out of color with mood. For instance, they may be dull and
then quickly turn red when they are fed. Then lose the red again
later that day. Other individuals may keep the red most of the time.
It seems to depend on the origin of the particular group of fish you
have. I had some MRBD from southern Virginia that were bright all of
the time. Really beautiful and striking. I had another group from
northern Virginia that was dull most of the time and only colored up
occasionally. Even during spawning in the aquarium, they would be
dull then color up briefly, then turn dull again. The yellow color
of the fins, seems to be strongly tied to breeding condition, though
some fish may maintain a certain degree of yellow all the time. The
black markings on the silvery bronze background are always present,
but can change in intensity. Here's a photo that shows the intense
yellow on SRBD:

Reminds me of mustard and ketchup.
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