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Todd Crail (
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 15:30:41 -0400

How might one obtain cultures of these algaes? :)

When I was reefin', I was Mister Macro. I love to export nutrients into
fish fat. With all the turbidity and high water volume here, the macros are
pretty much non-existant.

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> My 55 gal is quickly becoming quite a biotope tank! I've got very nice
> stands of Chara and Nitella collected from nearby waterways in addition
> to Vals, Ludwigia etc. This tank was recently reestablished with 1 -2"
> of potting soil beneath the gravel (1"). I had a break out of a stringy
> but branched algae. When I ignored it for a few days it would bunch up
> and look like green cotton balls on the substrate, just like in the
> creeks and ponds in late summer nearby! I put in a couple of weed
> shiners and a golden shiner and Wham, its gone. I watched as the fish
> tore into the stuff like it was a Ceasars' salad! It is mostly gone
> now. The weed shiners always looked fully fed even though I went for
> days without feeding them. So they were certainly sustaining themselves
> on the algae. Same with the Golden.
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