Re: NANFA-- defying nature's end, etc.
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 16:30:04 EDT

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> It's actually an optimistic article, saying
> that we can save much of what's left of original ecosystems if we move now
> and it might only cost $50 billion (cheap, for a planetary scale process!).

There is nothing left of the original ecosystem, what we have is a fleeting
shadow of what once was. Probably on a one way slide to a mass extinction of
cretaceous proportion. I sincerely doubt if all wild areas that are left were
ruled completely off limits to all humans if the ecosystem could survive. We've
even fished out the oceans to the point of total collapse. I've seen home
movies of what the coastal fish population used to be like and there is no
comparison at all to today's fish population. Fish that we would call huge used to
live inshore and were an easy catch. now such fish are very rare or none
existent even on far off shore reefs. The rivers were also full of very large fish
before humans started catching and eating or catching and killing the
undesirable fish. I don't believe there is any chance at all of rescuing any of what's
left until all that is useful in one way or another is gone.

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