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Chip Rinehart (
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 10:00:34 -0400

Does anyone know if Pt.hypselopterus and Pt.welaka will cross. I believe
they are found in some of the same locations, at least in the FL panhandle.
If I were to put both species in my pond and the sailfins would spawn maybe
it would stimulate the bluenose to also. Anyone got other ideas?

Chip in SC

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> As far as I am informed (so it may be different) the welaka and hubbsi are
> separated in nature, their ranges don4t overlap. And more, they seem to
> live
> in the same ecological niche and that shouldn4t be kept together as they
> most probably would rival each other. Or - even worse! - could cross over
> as
> there might be no genetical barrier becaue they don4t live syntop and
> never
> encounter each other in nature.
> Steffen
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> > As I prepare my pond for the bluenose shiners and dollar sunfish, I have
> > decided to make two sections that the dollars can't follow the welaka
> into.
> > This will be done using 1/2" (or 3/4", I haven't decided for certain)
> rigid
> > plastic screen that the welaka can swim through but the dollars can't.
> > Hopefully this will allow the shiners some refuge so they don't become
> > fishfood. I'll probably put some Heterandria in there too, so that the
> > dollars will have something else to chase.
> >
> > Another thought.....are welaka and hubbsi ever found in the same
> locations?
> > I want to try the hubbsi as well but can only manage to get the one pond
> > setup before winter. I'm wondering if they would try to cross or if one
> > species starting to spawn might stimulate the other?
> >
> > Chip
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