Re: NANFA-- white sucker
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 08:12:04 EDT

ive got a lid on the eclipse tank so he will not jump out. as for brine
shrimp i have never had much success w/ the frozen ones and never raised live ones.
i have plenty of success w/ frozen blood, mosquito and glass worms/larva.
live chopped earthworms seem to be the the best along with collected live
mosquito larva.
i do think i should either move him or his tank buddies out of the 25 g
aquarium. one of the blacknose dace is 2.5" big and active. they can be very

i think mr sucker would do best in a quiet tank. however when i caught him
and observed many others of varying sizes in this small stream they all shared a
close habitat w/ stonies, stripes, darters and dace. very rich and condensed
fauna in such a small stream.

i hope he makes it. he would eventually be a very interesting introduction to
the cement pond. i already have a 8" hog sucker in the pond that was
collected about 2 years ago and has continued to grow very, very well and looks to be
in excellent health.

hogsuckers have never survived more than a few months in my glass tanks.

oddly tho i have taken to collecting a dozen or so fry in the spring from
streams and putting them in a outdoor quite shaded planted ug/air graveled 29
tank. it is interesting to see what develops and both years several have turned
to being hogsuckers and still doing well. tho hogsuckers stay on the bottom
during young and adulthood all the fry were collected from the surface of flowing
water eddies. interesting.

when they get bigger and i successfully remove all the predatory sunnies from
the cement pond they should continue to develop.

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