Re: NANFA--Snakeheads and Pacu

geoff (
25 Sep 2003 21:15:39 -0400

When I lived in Tucson, there was a fish store that had a humongous
black pacu jammed into a 200 gallon tank. 'George' was about 3 feet
long and basically just sat at one end of the tank, ate, and excreted.

It was alleged that he could turn around.

The killer was that the store still sold pacus.

The real killer was that I still bought some. stupid. Had to euthanize
them in a year.

Geoff Kimber
Lexington, KY

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 16:23, Ty Hall wrote:
> I hear this every day, in the shop. "Oh, if they get to big, I'll just turn them
> loose." I swear sometimes I just want to smack people. Instead I take a deep
> calming breath and try to explain the moral and legal problems with their "plan".
> To their credit most are not aware of the implications. But, that is the biggest
> reason I refuse to carry the larger species of fish in the store. They are just
> not suitable for the average home aquarist. As an extra measure I do have a policy
> of taking/buying back any fish that outgrows the persons aquarium. I'd rather buy
> them back and euthanize them, instead of having them wind up in the lake.
> Ty
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