NANFA-- RE: A Summer's night

B.G. Granier (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 22:25:14 -0000

There I was, after a hard day's work, doing my water-changes on my outdoor tanks that are under my aluminum patio cover, then feeding my native and non-native fishes that are positioned along the walls of the afore-mentioned patio......
I turned on my favorite radio station, and leaned back to admire my very colorful fishes..when, all of a sudden this horrible RACKET arises, drowning out my radio and actually giving me a headache! It sounded like a thousand demons all screaming in 1/2 time......AAccHHH...eccchh.....over and over! I thought I was going to go crazy!
I couldn't even concentrate on my favorite radio station the noise was so deafening!
After a few minutes of this brain torture, I asked Bessie to bring a flashlight, since it had already turned dark and the geckos were even hiding their ears instead of pursuing the gold-colored moths that were amassed around the patio light!
After a few minutes of listening and following the source of all that Racck-AAcch noise, I finally located the source! A little Tree-frog no longer than 2 inches was perched on our aluminum gutter downspout, and had thereby gained an advantage over the vegetarian-perchers, in that he had gained the advantage of an acoustically perfect perch! This tiny Tree-Frog sounded like Eric Clapton with the advantage of the amplification in Mega-Watts like one would expect at a concert given by the above, for example!
Bessie said that we could probably expect a bumper crop of tadpole eggs within the next few days and I can send baby Eric Clapton Tree-Frogs to whoever wants them!
Peace and Quiet at last!
BG and Bessie