NANFA-- Bantams just keep going and going...

R.W.Wolff (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 23:20:49 -0500

Just like the energizer bunny, the bantams just wont stop. I had moved
them tempaorarily to a bare tank all except for a layer of gravel and a
double tetra foam filter, for the duration of the my renovations. It is
brightly lit, and the 3 males and 1 female bantams were not comfortable,
they would cluster under the filter all the time. Water temp is also
relativly cool on the floor shelf. I had just fed a few pellets a day
since they have been in this set up, and tonight noticed a male gaurding a
nest of eggs. This was on one end of the 24 inch tank, the female was just
outside of the perimeter and the one male was just setting at the other
end, while the other male was displaying to himself in the mirror back
between the female and the non nesting male. In this bright open set up
their colors are not dark, the nesting male was gray, with a pinkish cast
to his head, rows af aqua dots down the side, and green spangles sparsley
scattered on his face. The only vivid color was his red eyes. the female
was a washed gray, the displaying male looked like nest gaurder, and the
resting male was a brownish with fainter yet green spots.

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