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That's not how it was, Martin. Dave's intent was to demonstrate the real
causes of fish extinctions for those who might claim that fish collectors
are a problem. All I was doing was speculating on why it's illegal to
collect fish in western states. I believe what I said about Arizona. More
endangered species are found in desert habitats than anywhere else. These
habitats are often characterized by small bodies of water which confine the
fish and make all individuals of an entire species vulnerable to perhaps one
single destructive event-- introduced largemouth bass, water withdrawl,
pollution, or whatever.

Jay DeLong

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> Hehe, looks like you got shot down, Jay:-) Plus, your beloved
> salmonids are real killers!
> >
> > Oncorhynchus clarki macdonaldi- nope, establishment of non-native
> > salmonids probable factor.
> >
> > O. sp. cf. clarki (Alvord)- nope, establishment of nn salmonids,
> > introgression?
> >
> > Salvelinus agassizi- nope, commercial and recreational harvest, plus
> > introduction of nn salmonids
> Prost,
> Martin

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