Re: NANFA-- re: Why it's tougher out west...

Joseph W. Gardner (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:03:48 -0400

> Hi Jay,

Just a thought but one way of doing this is to encourage the Illinois guy to
present a paper at whatever professional organization he belongs to or to a
conference/convention of Natural Resource people or groupings of State Natural
Resource people. Another idea would be to write letters to state and national
legislators praising the Illinois experience. Of course, letters to the Ill.
Dept. of Natural Resources praising their employee wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Just some thoughts. Take care. Joe.

> Something very interesting happened at the NANFA convention. A guy from the
> Illinois Dept of Natural Resources was there. He summarized collecting
> Illinois regulations and found they were very confusing and sometimes just
> stupid. He asked all of us how we thought they could be revised and what
> other states had regulations he could review to rewrite theirs. He never
> would have done that if one of us had called him or wrote a letter. He did
> this because he was impressed with the NANFA group in Champaign. You lucky
> members in Illinois are going to benefit, but I'm sitting here in Washington
> knowing that if I want to see fish it has to be illegally or with a detailed
> research proposal. How can I take what happened in Illinois and use it here
> in my state on the people who write the regulations? I know I'm not going
> to gather that Champaign group and bring them here, so I'm depending on
> NANFA to help. But there are 500 NANFA members each with their own ideas
> and goals, and 50 states each with different laws and fishes and biologists.
> How are we going to overcome all these obstacles and repeat the Illinois
> experience in my state and others?

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