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mcclurg luke e (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 03:13:34 -0500 (CDT)

Dave and others,

I disagree in part with Dave's conclusion that "the only" viable
solution to the problem of dissapearing species is the full habitat
restoration I understood him to be talking about. While it is the ultimate
end hoped for, in reality, it may not be feasible. For a hypothetical
example, suppose that a certain species of fish existed only in the Los
Angeles River and in order to restore it you would have to move 10 million
plus people out of the basin. Not the least you might very
well have a bloodbath on your hands. However, by saving the species in
aquariums (private and public) a viable stock is maintained in the hope of
finding a suitable habitat nearby to transplant them into. Don't get me
wrong, I think people have no business builiding cities on floodplains or
in deserts or polluting their rivers. Unfortunately, it's already
happened and doubtful it can be fully reversed. All I'm saying is there
are many solutions and some room for experimentation as to which will work
best in combination with the other.


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