Captive Care Notes: Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus, Family Cyprinidae)

Perhaps because of their size, Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus alutaceus) are not commonly kept in home aquaria. Norman Edelen, Jr., a NANFA member from Washington, has kept Chiselmouth and reports that their algae-rasping is interesting to watch, although they will eat any food offered them (pers. comm.). Chiselmouth are often collected with Peamouth (Mylocheilus caurinus), Redside Shiner (Richardsonius balteatus), Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus), and young Northern Pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus oregonensis). A large tank of these minnows can make for a nice schooling display. One published note observed that the Chiselmouth's "overall behavioral activity level appeared to increase with barometric pressure and full-moon cycles," but that more observations were needed to confirm this behavior.

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