Captive Care Notes: Bigeye Chubs (Hybopsis, Family Cyprinidae)

Next to nothing has been reported on the aquarium care of Hybopsis species, probably because non-breeding specimens are too plainly colored to interest most recreational fishkeepers. A sand, gravel, or rock bottom with some current, and a diet rich in bloodworms and blackworms, should be the minimum captive requirements. Spawning may occur only after a simulated winter period in which temperatures are dropped and lighting is reduced. Nest associate species like H. hypsinotus and H. rubrifrons may also require an artificial Nocomis nest to induce spawning. Take a small plastic container and fill it with gravel or marbles into the shape of a mound. Place the container directly under or slightly away from the filter return flow. Should spawning occur, remove the parents, or move the container into a bare, well-aerated tank.

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