Captive Care Notes: Pearl Dace (Margariscus, Family Cyprinidae)

Pearl Dace (Margariscus margarita) are undemanding fishes that are peaceful in a community aquarium. Because of their northern distribution and fondness for cool water, warm temperatures should be avoided, although highs of up to 31.1C (88F) can be tolerated for short periods of time. Considering the wide variety of habitats in which the species occurs, maintaining a pH at or near the level present where specimens were collected will likely be beneficial. No spawning accounts in aquaria have been reported, but the fish will likely spawn if a "winter" or cooling-down period is provided.

NANFA member Ray Wolff of Wisconsin observed Pearl Dace spawning in his large outdoor pond in the middle of April. The dace spawned in the creases of the pond liner in a deep section of the pond. These creases contained growths of white algae that resembled tufts of hair-like cotton.

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