Pictures from NANFA 2000, Jackson, Mississippi

Here is an assortment of pictures from the field trip to Short Creek and other activities during NANFA 2000. Thanks to Chris Scharpf, Bruce Stallsmith, and Peter Unmack for the images.

?, Bob Sinclair, and Joe Scanlan.

Standing, left to right: Jeff Chyneweth, Joshua Geyer, Pat Johnson, Nick Zarlinga, Stephanie Brough. Kneeling, left to right: Michael Wolfe, Mark Binkley, Jeff Geyer, and Jan Hoover.

Chris Scharpf and Ranger Bob Culler at left; others ?.

Steve Knaub, Rob Carillio, Nick Zarlinga, Bruce Stallsmith, ?, and Linda Zarlinga.

Jeff Chyneweth, Victor Petty, Casper Cox (bending over), Ken Wintin (in rear with net on shouler), Stephanie Brough, Michael Wolfe, Dave Hall, Jim Graham, and Mark Otnes.

Victor Petty, Dave Hall, Casper Cox, Ken Winton, Jeff Chyneweth, Jim Graham, Michael Wolfe, and Stephanie Brough.

Jeff Chyneweth, Nick Zarlinga, Michael Wolfe, and Victor Petty.

Jan Hoover and Rob Carillio fighting over an autographed copy of the Peterson Field Guide.

Ken McKeighen and his net, empty yet again!

Waiting for the mystery meat banquet to commence. From left: Heather Muller, Dave Neely, Bob Muller, Leo S. Long, Chris Scharpf, Mary Binkley, Peter Unmack, Stott Noble, and Rick Mayden.

Joshua Geyer (left) showing his dad, Jeff, how to seine, in the Strong River.

Longear sunfish.

Jeff Chyneweth, Casper Cox, Peter Unmack, and Victor Petty pulling up a seine.

Dave Hall sporting his new NANFA 2000 t-shirt.

Jeff Chyneweth and Victor Petty seining away.

Dick Stober and Bruce Stallsmith holding the seine.

Joe Scanlan carrying the catch.

Nick Zarlinga and Michael Wolfe holding the seine while Mark Binkley remains ready to pounce.

Seining away.

Michael Wolfe, Nick Zarlinga, and Mark Binkley sorting the catch.

B.G. Granier, Martin Moore and Casper Cox. Casper is actually cooking at the grill
while B.G. demonstrates how to dance in front of it and Martin is wondering if he
should immediately leave...

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