So Many Thanks, So Little Space

A successful event like the 1998 NANFA Annual Meeting doesn't happen without the generosity of many people and organizations. So on behalf of everyone who attended, I would like to devote space here to thank publicly all those who made Fish Heads '98 so memorable.

We thank the Tennessee Aquarium for donating our passes and providing a meeting room. We also thank Chris Coco, Stephanie Brough and Darlene Walder for taking the time on a Friday night to show us their impressive facility. (Stephanie gets an extra thanks from me for supplying information on the Aquarium's exhibits and reviewing this manuscript.)

We thank our many donors: Memphis Net and Twine (fish potholders); Penn-Plax (aquarium supplies); Windsor/ Nature Discovery (fish posters); Garold W. Sneegas (photographs); Joseph R. Tomelleri (artwork); Tennessee Valley Authority (posters); Virginia Tech (posters and video); Chattanooga Bakery (Moon Pies); McKee Bakery (Little Debbie snacks); R.C. Steele (fish foods and supplies); Hagen (aquarium supplies); Rainbow Plastics-Filter Division (fluidized bed filter); Ginger (fish foods and filter cartridges); Hikari (fish foods); Perfecto (powerhead and UG filter); Jungle (water conditioners); Scott Mettee (sturgeon t-shirts); Peter Unmack (Arizona fish posters); Florida State Marine Lab (posters); Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company (refreshments); Market 212 (dinner); Aquatic Promotions (Cichlid News magazine); and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo (room discounts).

We thank our speakers, especially Dr. David Etnier, for leading our Saturday collecting trip.

But most of all, we thank the one person who made it all possible, and who knocked himself out making sure we enjoyed ourselves--Casper Cox. NANFA is a volunteer organization, and Casper did the work of 50 volunteers.

The 1998 NANFA Annual Meeting in Chattanooga was the best of times, Casper. And you were the best of hosts. Thank you.