2003 NANFA Convention photos by Bruce Stallsmith


The two above photos were taken by Phil Gentry of UAH's press office Saturday, June 7, at Sipsey Fork during the convention. The top picture, left to right, shows Tom Laughlin, Bob Muller, Brady Porter, Mark Binkley, Bruce Stallsmith, Leo Long, and Rick Phillips (hat). The second picture was at the same site, but shows the limestone walls that the river cuts through as it runs off the plateau. Fishes found bv netting and snorkeling included blackspotted killifish, longear sunfish, burrhead shiners, blacktail shiners, alabama shiners, river darters, muscadine darters, speckled darters, tuskaloosa darters, blackbanded darters, and Mobile logperch.

  Pat Johnson in his snorkeling gear also in the Sipsey (photo by Phil Gentry)

       The lot of us seining in Sipsey Fork (photos by Phil Gentry)

  On the Saturday of the convention, at the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in the Bankhead National Forest, Brady Porter and Bob Muller examine a seine net haul. I realize now that almost everyone was wearing a hat on a bright day, so it was hard to get faces!

The two snorkelers, l to r, are Pat Johnson from Ohio and Mark Otnes from North Dakota

  Same people as in the above photos, plus Klaus Schoening at the far left, who couldn't go all the way in the water while recovering from surgery

The  next 3 photos are on the Brier Fork of the Flint River near Huntsville, on Sunday June 8.

  Mark Binkley holding a warmouth that was seined.

  Susan Binkley, Mark Binkley, Casper Cox and Bill Hember posing with seine net in front of an old breached dam.

  Pierre Gagne, Mark Binkley, Lamar Eddington and Susan Binkley after a seine net haul.

  Sunday, June 8; Casper Cox, Lamar Eddington and Pierre Gagne quick-seining at the base of the old dam, chasing a bowfin which was eventually caught.

  Saturday, June 7; Tom Laughlin, Brady Porter, Bob Muller and Mark Binkley examine a darter in a baggie.

  Saturday, June 7; At Borden Creek, Leo Long, Brady Porter, Lee Harper and Bob Muller move upstream as part of a series of seinings.