Photos by Charlie Nunziata at the 2002 NANFA Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Convention: presentations, auction and banquet

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Leo Long and Bob Muller seated on stage
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Auction. Leo Long at left. David Hemmerlein, who served as auctioneer, to his left. Bob and Heather Muller standing, center.
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Handing out prizes to bidders at the 2002 NANFA Auction.
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Bob Muller


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Emily Damstra standing to the right of Chris Scharpf (white shirt)
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Thomas Todd spoke on coregonines of the Great Lakes.
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Dr. Gerald Smith spoke on the zoogeography of Great Lakes fishes.
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James Langhammer spoke on goodeids.

Photos From Inside the University of Michigan Fish Museum



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NANFA display!


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Dave Hemmerlein
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Charlie Nunziata
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Images From the Trip to Patterson Lake

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Images from the Huron River Field Trip

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