Photos by Rob Carillio and Linda Zarlinga at the 2002 NANFA Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Atrium at the motel.  We weren't exactly roughing it this year!
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Couple of indoor shots at the meeting

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Sampling Patterson Lake


shuffle.jpg (107293 bytes)
Huron River kick-seining (or the "NANFA Shuffle")
seining.jpg (104817 bytes)
checking the net
       guywithnet.jpg (124380 bytes)
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group1.jpg (82450 bytes)    groupid.jpg (75601 bytes)
Identifying the catch at the Huron River.  What's that sign in the background?

nowimming.jpg (93074 bytes)
Closer look; hope it didn't mean us!
carillio.jpg (95666 bytes)
Rob streamside

rcsnorkel.jpg (97953 bytes)
Rob snorkeling

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