People Need Riparian Zones

The Alliance for Watershed Action and Riparian Easements (A.W.A.R.E.) in Mahoning County, Ohio, offers a useful list of economic, social and cultural benefits offered by riparian areas in the Mahoning River watershed.

Economic Benefits:
1. Enhances Real Estate Values:
    ·Increased Riparian Property Value (+28%)

2. Increases Recreational Usage:
    ·Birdwatching/wildlife observation

3. Enhances Economic Development Opportunities:
    ·Makes the Valley a better place to live/work
    ·More attractive to prospective employers
    ·Makes a statement regarding civic commitment

4. Provides for Insurance Against Ecological-Based Costs:
    ·Provides natural flood mitigation
    ·Provides pollution mitigation
    ·Provides for the recycling of ground nutrients
    ·Provides for ecological health through biodiversity

Social Benefits:
1. Provides for a higher aesthetic valuation of the community.
2. Provides for an inherently higher bequest value.
3. Enhances psychological functionality of the population.
4. Creates a concrete focus for community pride.

Cultural Benefits:
1. Enhances the image of our community on a nationwide basis.
2. Deters "generational flight" from the community.



© Robert Carillio and Jay DeLong