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Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 02 Apr 2006 12:40:52 -0400

What's the tank set up, Moon? Are there sufficient hiding places? Despite
being voracious predators in the wild, flatheads can get kind of wimpy and
nervous in aquaria as they mature, especially if there's too much light and
not enough places to hide. When I visited the Texas Freshwater Fisheries
Center in TX a few years back, they mentioned how difficult it was to get
their flathead to come out and eat.

Just a thought,


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> Subject: NANFA-L-- Flathead catfish
> Does anyone know what might cause a flathead catfish to stop eating
> completely? I've had one since the convention in Columbia, SC but recently it
> has
> gotten very skinny and will not eat. I have been feeding it mostly earth
> worms
> and small crayfish. I am worried it is on the verge of dying. I've never had
> a
> catfish that wouldn't eat live food so I am stumped on this.
> Michael Hissom
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