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Prior to the explosion of forums and others means of communicating electronically most online NANFA discussion occured via our email list which covered topics relating to any aspect of North American native fishes.

Today, the general email list still exists, but few people are actively using it as most discussion now occurs on the NANFA forum which is what we suggest that folks use.

The BOD email list though remains as the standard method for dealing with club business and is quite active.

The archive of the general email list from 1999 through 2006 are still available and have lots of great information in them. Details on how to search can be found below. If you do wish to subscribe to the email list the details are below.

This is an open, unmoderated mailing list run from NANFA.ORG using the majordomo mailing list processing software.

Anyone with an interest in North American Native Fish may freely monitor or participate in the discussion in a civil manner.

Checkered madtom, Noturus flavater
William Roston

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NANFA also provides a Board of Directors emailing list open to all concerned with the operation of NANFA as an organization.

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