NANFA-L-- Re: nanfa-l-digest V1 #491

Traci Greve (
Mon, 3 Apr 2006 20:54:42 -0700 (PDT)

> Would it be better to euthanize an animal than to
> have it suffer,
> perhaps indefinitely?
> Dave Mc

I am generally inclined to agree, however this fish
seems to be "happy" and is out and looking-in-food
offered to it. My experience with sick ciclids is that
if they are sick, they will usually loose color and
hide. I'd like to give it a chance.

>I Agree; all Red Parrots should be euthanized to
prevent their undue

I don't think I'm going to hold the fact that its a
hybrid against it.

>Its hard to tell from the description. Are portions
>of the dentaries intact ? Can the fish still close
>its mouth (using muscles rather thanpremax) ?
>If so, there's a chance it could survive. If not,
>prognosis does not sound good.

Right now, it looks like it is just the 2 bones-in-the
very front of the top jaw (or is it just broken in
half?) they are protruding out of the "lip" One half
is actually torn from the side of the mouth. It looks
like that half "lip" will come off without my helping
in in a day or so-its only on by a bit of tissue. The
other side is well connected. I do think that if he is
going to have a chance, it needs to come off. I'm
going to give him a couple of days and see what comes
off. I'll be able to tell then how well it can use its
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