RE: NANFA-L-- Help with fish ID, please

lstaunt (
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 00:39:47 -0400

Thank you to everyone who helped with the ID. Both the torrent sucker and
the northern hog sucker show-up on the list of species reported in Madison
on the VAFWIS site (as does the white sucker). (On the other hand, they
don't list lampreys & I definitely saw a couple of those.) I'll hope to be
lucky enough to capture more than one next time and to get some better
pictures of the various body parts now that I have a better idea of which
parts are important for IDing suckers. I've also ordered "Freshwater Fishes
of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware" and trust that will help
me with future IDs.

I had one other sort of decent shot of his mouth from underneath and have
posted it in case it offers any new info that would seal the identification
for anyone. No need to comment on it if it doesn't. It looks very much like
a semi-circle to me, but I may not be interpreting that correctly.

Thank you, too, for the compliments on the photos. The Nikon Coolpix line
makes it easy to get decent close-ups. I used the 8700 for these photos,
but am still a big fan of the 990, which was my first digital camera. I've
gotten some good ideas from this list on container options for photos in the
field. I'd like to switch to glass for less distortion than I get with the
plastic critter keepers, but the plastic is awfully easy to lug around.

Madison, VA
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