NANFA-L-- brook lamprey digging holes

Derek Parr (
Thu, 13 Apr 2006 01:04:52 -0400

I picked up a mountain brook lamprey a couple weeks ago on a trip to the
southern French Broad River Basin area here in NC. Crazy little
creature. These last few days he's been digging several holes in the
sand/gravel. Took me a while to figure out where the moving gravel
sounds were coming from since he only does it-in-night. Its pretty
interesting to watch. He holds himself down with his sucker mouth, then
vigorously fans an area with his tail.

He moved too much to get a good photo, but here is one anyway.

I'd love to hear what ya'll know about these creatures and perhaps what
s/he is doing? Maybe this has something to do with his next phase in
life? or death?

So far the info I've found on the net has been farely limited. It seems
that not a whole lot is known about these guys.

-derek parr
chapel hill, nc
cape fear river basin
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