NANFA-L-- This time, stellar results :)

Mysteryman (
Mon, 17 Apr 2006 17:00:33 -0700

While last week's collecting trip wasn't very successful, as you may
recall, THIS week more than made up for it!
Todd & Ryan came through my area on their southeastern tour, and we
sampled a few places that I either knew or-in-least always wanted to
try. Shiners, centrarchids, topminnows, suckers, pickerels, darters...
yesterday we found some 30 species in 3 places in 3 hours, and today we
only found a few, but they were pretty nice. Todd of course took
pictures aplenty, and when he gets home I'm sure he'll post them for
your viewing pleasure. I saw some of the other pics from other stops on
his digital camera already, and they're way cool. It was a very
productive & enjoyable couple of days, to say the least, and I know
they'll find plenty more in the northern half of the state tomorrow. (
Boy, I wish I could just go traipsing about the country sampling fish
like that. )
I was really somewhat worried that I wasn't going to be able to find
these guys, my first NANFA visitors, any fish, but things went fairly
well after all, and we only sampled a tiny, tiny fraction of the
available waters and only along two drainages of the five in this area,
each holding different stuff.
I really wish they could have spent more time down here, but maybe next
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