Re: NANFA-L-- euthanasia

geoffrey kimber (
Tue, 25 Apr 2006 10:35:06 -0400

On a more serious note-

I know that the clove oil/alcohol method works to get the clove oil to
dissolve into water, but there is an old pharmacy trick that can
accomplish this quickly without the ethanol-

Get hold of some talc powder (*not* cornstarch, or other powder, just
plain talc). Add the clove oil to a small amount of talc (a few
tablespoonsful) and mix really well. Then, add the talc/clove oil
mixture to the water and shake well. filter out the talc, and the
clove oil will be in solution.

It's more complicated and real talc is hard to find these days, but I
thought I would share a technique that I have not used since
pharmaceutics lab in school, just for an historical note.


I remember reading that there was some concern that clove oil injured
the gills of fish that were sedated with it. Obviously, this wouldn't
matter when euthanizing fish, but is this really a problem for
sedating fish? Is the problem concentration dependant?
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