NANFA-L-- Spring Fling 2 - First Round

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 21:52:00 -0400

Howdy folks. Well... Here's the first round of pictures from the last trip.
In the gallery, there are a couple species from before (sandhills shiner,
roanoke darter, and crescent shiner all NC fishes) but everything else was
looked-in-last week. I'm still trying to find time to catch up the Spring
Fling 1, and Spring Fling 2005 hehheh.

In an act of supreme laziness, I'm going to copy and paste all the folder urls
here right now, for now, instead of make a formal index. I'm covered in
poison ivy from gardening, and I want to head to the Corti-zone and go to
sleep. This is why I work with aquatics and not terrestrial systems.
Terrestrial systems just seem to make me itch and sneeze, and screw up my
streams, so to heck with them!

If someone could clue me in on the plants in Conecuh, that would be dandy. We
saw some really neat stuff there post burn. Also, one of the juvenile cooters
seemed to be "out of range". If anyone is turtle savvy, that'd be great if
you'd let us know what was what. I think it was the one titled "yellow unid"
etc. We caught that in the Yellow River, and Ryan had said something about
them endemic to the Alabama River above the fall line. I dunno. It was that
show called "Herp Eye for the Fish Guy".

And yes, there's plenty of x-rated bluenose and sailfin pics for you
Pternotropis worshipers :)


The Spring Travel Madness, Toledo, OH
Welaka Worship... Is it so wrong?
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