RE: NANFA-L-- I'm blogging fish; really.

Irate Mormon (
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:01:47 -0500

>Oh, it's happened, alright, and could all too easily happen again.

>I know the incident Chip mentioned, and it was a crying shame.

>We had a big scare some two & a half years ago when it seemed that an

>entire "welaka hole" was decimated by Europeans looking to satisfy an

>entire continent's demand, although details are fuzzy on that one


That was me that posted that one, based on information from an aquarist
at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. There was a certain
amount of rumor involved, but I do know that the Museum collects at
certain locations regularly and that is not helping matters.

> A tiny spring near my house

>has an unknown Cyprinella shiner in it that's not in any book. I don't

>know how Scott Metee missed it since he included a photo of the spring

>itself in his book. It's not a remarkable fish in any way,


Unremarkable minnows are my passion - can you provide a photo?
Presumably this is what I call an NSM - Nondescript Silvery Minnow. I
love these guys! Just because everybody else chunks 'em back into the
creek. I am good-in-identifying them.


Mississippi N. longirostris are not N. longirostris!
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