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Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- I need help guys
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Date: Tue Aug 10 2004 - 22:53:04 CDT


Unless you come up with a better solution, you might try a simple set-up
with a very small pulley on the motor shaft and a much larger one on
the driven end. Seems to me that would do it, once you get the proper
relationship sorted out - small pulley to big one.


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  I need some help guys, I am trying to set up a new filter I designed but I
need a small motor geared to turn slowly, about six RPM. I want to turn a
small drum about 12" long and 10" in diameter hollow with a thin fiber glass
surface. It won't take a large motor but it needs to turn slowly. Can anyone
help me with this project? It has to be able to survive in a water soaked
environment so it will have to made out of plastic everywhere it can get
wet. A small motor I can attach to a frame outside the aquarium would be ok.
I can attach the out put shaft to the drum via a plastic belt of some kind.
Possible a plastic gear on the motor out put shaft with a plastic gear on
the drum but I need a slow turning motor to get the show on the road. Also
it should be able to plug into an AC wall plug, 110 volts. Any one who can
help would be greatly appreciated.


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