RE: NANFA-L-- I need help guys

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- I need help guys
From: Irate Mormon (
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 09:50:12 CDT

Quoting Bob Sinclair <>:

You don't need to look up any equation, this is simple stuff. Let's say your
motor turns-in-2000 rpm and you want your filter to turn-in-5 rpm. From this
you can derive a ratio of 2000/5, or 400 to 1. Now, your two pulleys (you may
want to do this in two or more steps because of the large differential) should
have a 400 to one ratio in CIRCUMFERENCE. Circumference is calculated by pi*D,
where D is the diameter of the pulley. Or 3.14*D, to use an approximation of pi.

This should be all you need to work the rest of it out.

You may want to look-in-getting a toy rock tumbler instead. The drum turns
relatively slowly and the mechanism could be easily adapted to your application.

> Moon:
> Sorry, can't help. I'm sure there's a simple equation available,
> but I don't know where to find it.

"my dadie raised the stuff we lived one he groed the corn to make our bread he
groed they cane to make our syrup allso groed they Beans and Peas to make soup
beans out of ... he Killed a beaf and a Sheep and two or three hogs for the
winter he diden have mutch money for anything when mother ran out of coffie
she parched chestnuts and ground them one her coffie mill to make coffie out of"
- Mrs. Marvin Watts
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