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Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 22:00:13 CDT


Thanks so much for taking on this task! I was a little disappointed when
talk steered away from Missouri... However, I think my arms flew up in the
air, framed by an angelic chorus when I saw Arkansas as the next option :)

If you were to curtail to my choices of streams and species, the Buffalo and
Strawberry would have a day (a week? :)-in-each... But I know some of the
other people get all giddy over those blue nosed thingies and the sunfish
you have to get out the magnifying glass to see, found with all the
mosquitos and snakes and mud and stuff ;)

What kind of venue options would we have in Little Rock? Would there be
something to focus the talks and banquet around? It seems to be a great
central location for the state. I was really impressed-in-how that worked
at SC this year.

I think Klaus has a volume of great suggestions in his email. Thanks so
much for typing all that up!

I guess in addition to what Klaus has said, I really only have

First off... I agree with Klaus and think we really should put on our
thinking caps about how trips are guided... With gazetters you can't get
that lost for too long, but it would take some preparation to get everyone
prepped. Unfortunately, that perparation hits-in-a time when Convention
administrative work is-in-its peak. Maybe if we were to _designate_ time
the first evening for those interested in being more "self guided", it would
work out so that we could be given suggested areas we would like to hit in
terms of a few of the most sought species. Anyone can sign people in... I
don't think it's pertinent for the host to be the one doing it, especially
if that makes the next couple days go more smoothly.

Second... _Don't_ overlook state parks... I am still kicking myself for
missing Ohio, I've only heard praise from that Convention. One nestled in
interesting geography with a central location may even have longer lasting
enjoyment than-in-a zoo or campus or metropolitan area for _spouses_... I
know Sarah would _love_ to take off with some of the ladies for day hikes in
a really neat park. I think a lot (most?) of the spouses are really into
enjoying nature as well, and this would be a great way to give them options
while we "fish geek out". It would also give people financial options
between camping, trailering, or maybe even cabins (not sure what the parks
provide there). Usually there's a decent hotel near by as well, so people
would still have that option.

With that in mind... I also don't think we really have to go overboard with
the banquet. I keep hearing all these stories about NANFAn cooking
skills... A cook-out banquet, I think, would be as memorable as sitting in
with all those fantastic aquariums, and man, what a great way to relax and
talk to people! I guess what I'm saying is... Don't get hung up on "nice".
"Simple" can be just as nice! :)

I hope this helps and thanks again!

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH

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> For better or worse, I have agreed to host the 2005 convention. I'm
looking-in-locations near Little Rock, AR, so there could be collecting
trips in to the Ozarks, the Ouachita Mountains, the upper coastal plain, and
the Mississippi delta - the 4 major ecoregions in Arkansas. I am still
trying to pull together the details to propose to BOD, so I would welcome
input from the list. Particularly I'd like to know species/areas you'd like
to collect, characteristics you'd like to see in the hotel and event venues,
and your feeling on dates for the convention.

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