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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- RE: NANFA-- Next Convention? really long-winded
From: Irate Mormon (
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 22:25:27 CDT

Quoting Al G Eaton <>:

> 10) Try to have a mix of speakers and some handouts, I
> personally would like to see some of the advanced
> hobbyists give a talk as well as scientists.

I think you are right. We had only one hobbyist talk in MS (if I remember
correctly), which was Kenny McKeighen on low-tech/low-cost ponds. But of all
the speakers, he was the one who garnered the most interest and questions (a
good indicator of the level of interest of the audience). Jan Hoover is also a
 great speaker and does a good job of synthesizing both hobby and scientific
aspects of his subject, plus a goodly dose of humor.

The key to getting lots of books donated is to write to lots of publishers :-)
It doesn't hurt if the authors attend the convention either! I also contacted
the local woodcarver's guild, which brought lots of woodcarvings to display. I
would have liked more paintings, etc., but local artists failed to respond to my

It is also incubent upon the convention organizers to profusely and sincerely
thank anybody who donates to their convention, so that the way is paved for next

"my dadie raised the stuff we lived one he groed the corn to make our bread he
groed they cane to make our syrup allso groed they Beans and Peas to make soup
beans out of ... he Killed a beaf and a Sheep and two or three hogs for the
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