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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Freshwater Jellyfish
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 02:06:09 CDT

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> How could someone here in southside Virginia get a few to keep. Thanks..
> Very interested in these guys. Thanks, again
Again I would love to have the sedentary polyps to put in an aquarium to see
if they ever give off a run of medusa. I have found the secrete (I think) of
keeping the huge hydrozoans that grow in my area, there has to be a large
population of snail eating fish for them to do well in the wild. Snails love to eat
them. So as soon as they start showing up in numbers I plan to try a couple
small ones in my filterless tank to see if they will take hold. Any one who is
also interested in keeping freshwater invertebrates lets pool our knowledge
and see if we can make some headway! I started another pond of triops today,
vernal pool shrimp are another of my passions and if anyone has any clam shrimp
or fairy shrimp let's trade. Hopefully I will have my scanner back on line
shortly and I can start sharing some of my photos with everyone. lets get the
NANFA list going again guys, LONG LIVE NANFA!

 P.S I missed you guys when the list was down!
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