NANFA-L-- A great American Currents!

Subject: NANFA-L-- A great American Currents!
From: Bob Bock (
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 08:30:43 CDT

I just got my copy of NANFA's outstanding quarterly publication, American
Currents. Editor Chris Scharpf and his hard working team of assistant
editors Susan Binkley, Rob Denkhaus, and Bruce Lilyea have once again done
a bang up job.

Features you won't want to miss are Jan Hoover/s article about the gold
eye, a deep water fish seldom seen in the hobby

Jeremy and Bernadette Tiemann's account of freshwater mussel species that
use fish in Indiana's Tippecanoe River as hosts for the larval phase of
their life cycle

and Phil Cochrane's account of how state fish and game departments have
alternately given bad press and good press to harmless, non parasitic
lamprey species:

The Bad:
>From a Wisconsin issued state trading card:

"Learn how to identify lampreys
If you catch a lamprey, kill it.
Don't throw it back into the water alive."

The Good
>From a Minnesota DNR Brochure:
"I saw a lamprey. Do they kill trout? No, brook lampreys are the most
common lamprey in the Whitewater streams. They are non-parasitic filter
feeders which actually help to clean the streams."

Other noteworthy items are
Doug Pirhalla's tutorial on how to distinguish a healthy stream environment
from a troubled one,
a map of exotic marine aquarium fish that have been sighted off the
southeast Florida coast, and
the discovery of two new Mexican livebearers, Xiphophorus kallmani, a
swordtail, and Girardinichtys (Hubbsina) irenae.
a discussion of whether or not bowfin are Kosher

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