Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...
From: Jeremy Tiemann (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 15:42:27 CDT

I have had Corbicula find its way into my tanks and live a while (>16
months). However, I don't think they grew much, if-in-all; besides,
I never saw them siphoning. A month ago, giant floaters (P. grandis)
were placed in a few of my tanks and they have not opened. Matt is
right, during times of stress, mussels will "clam" up (this is how
some species can with stand droughts). Without the right kinds of
equipment (e.g., tank setups and food), keeping mussels can be a bear
(food seems to be the major key). However, it can be done... some
institutions are going a great job-in-propagating mussels (Va Tech,
Ohio St, SW Missouri St). I would not recommend it without doing a
little research first; but you know that, and if anyone can it, it's
you Todd.

>Understood. And I'd love to hear more thoughts. I guess what I was
>getting-in-is my excitement that it _had_ been in there ALIVE for a
>year, regardless of wether it consumed itself or not, etc etc...
>There is-in-least more of a motivation to do a study of their
>husbandry (measure mass, size, etc) over time, now that I know that
>one could-in-least be "husbanded" for a year :)
> Todd
>----- Original Message -----
>But was it really "growing". It's documented that in such stresses
>that uninio's go into a hibernation/topur stress related stage and
>do not grow in the physical sense but can continute to live for a
>long period of time, and actually will absorb shell for nutrients,
>like wasting itself away.<

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