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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...
From: Todd Crail (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 20:51:01 CDT

Re: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt anybody...From: Jeremy Tiemann

Thanks for your kind comment and thoughts Jeremy.

> However, I don't think they grew much, if-in-all; besides, I never saw
them siphoning.

Maybe this'll answer some questions :)

Corbicula.jpg is the little guy in question. I have a hunch that the "old
looking" growth was out in the wild, the "new looking" growth was in tank.
See how it kinda breaks up into a leading edge? Possibly algal parasitism in
the wild, or a change in water chemistry? Notice how that "breaking" scute
is indistinct, however, every other one is distinct, especially evident in
the scutes before and after.

I obviously have NO way to verify my hypothesis currently, nor have I even
done any research on how Corbicula grows. So I am _not_ making claims :)
What I _do_ know is... He's been in a tank for a year and this is his
behavior ever since I've been watching him after that first day I found him
lol It'll be interesting to see what he does once there's fish in there.
Hopefully I can keep him where he's-in-so I can watch and photodocument
anything interesting.

Nor would I bring a native mussel into my care without a pile of prior
research and well, the appropriate permits :) It's fun to play with the
exotics for now though.

But that's not all for your Farmertodd Bucks tonight, Folks! Oh no!

Get a load of suckers_white_x_hog.jpg! It looks like I freakin'
Photoshop'ed that thing together!

Notice the white sucker body and speckling, but with darkenings in the
pattern of the hog sucker (it's not as grossly evident as it is sometimes).
Notice the more rounded protruding head, with the wide, flat top. Notice
the little gold thingies in the dorsal fin (which is in all of the finage of
this animal, and is a hog sucker characteristic). By the way... What are
those little gold thingies called?

The rest is a little more eye candy. The invert pictures are the lighting
that the fish will be photographed in soon. We can quit this weird
flourescent look and really see the fish. I can't wait. But... Patience
will serve this best. Especially with all the inverts that are in there
now. Holey moley. There should be enough unreachable habitat that some
will persist. Watching worms and planaria crawl from river gravel and
established tank sand/gravel in the sandbed and under everything was neato.

I checked the water chem on the Reefle yesterday. Got some nitrite but no
ammonia. Not bad for having dumped 80lbs of organic substrate in there, no?

And thanks Laura! I've got some hornwort in there now that I pulled out of
the back pond I was waiting to see if it would cycle, and how long I should
let it mature before fish introduction, because I have a pile of Val ready
for it... But it needs to be where ever the fish are :) So I'm filling
gaps as it goes, but I'm glad you suggested it, because I went down the "too
light planting with halides with fish and food" path before. And that, my
friends... Is a certified, velvet looking, sometimes red, sometimes green,

Now to figure out why the heck Jan Hoover can't hit
Mussels, fish... No problem. The US Army Proxy Server... Aiye aiye aiye!

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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