NANFA-L-- Re: A little mud never hurt anybody...

Subject: NANFA-L-- Re: A little mud never hurt anybody...
From: Laura Burbage (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 19:42:52 CDT

Oh, sure... blame me...

Looks great, Todd! I must say I am jealous. The only
thing I might do is add more plants. In highly lit
tanks, the more plants the better, or the algae will
try to make up for it! :) You can use something fast
growing like hornwort or watersprite to fill in gaps
until your tank gets settled and the plants you really
intend take off. In my longear sunfish tank I have
lots of frogbit on the top. I scoop and remove on a
regular basis, to get enough lignt to the bottom, and
excess nutrients are thus removed from the water
column. Floating plants can be confined to a section
of the top using styrofoam or another similar floating
thingie, cut as a floating barrier. I like using the
floaters for nutrient removal because I _want_ the
nutrients in the _soil_, but _not_ in the the water

As a side note, I seem to be successfully keeping 3
longear sunfish in a 55 gallon tank. Granted, they
are only about 4 to 6" long. There was also another
fish that I caught-in-the convention when it was very
small, and it turned out that it might be a dollar
(?). Anyway... they are all living quite peacefully
together. I put cobbles over the substrate, and it
seems to be keeping them from getting broody. Makes
for a great looking tank. I keep hoping to borrow a
digital camera.

(mud! mud! mud! mud! mud! mud!)

> Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 23:10:27 -0400
> From: "Todd Crail" <>
> Subject: NANFA-L-- A little mud never hurt
> anybody...
> Okay... Here's the latest experiment. I will blame
> Laura
> Burbage if it fails! (just kidding :)
> Yesterday, I had one of these...
> To which I added 80lbs of this...
> Yummmm....
> Capped it with 2" of my good old stand by and
> siphoned
> off a fair portion of the free silts adjunct from
> the sandbed...
> Was very encouraged to find that I had been keeping
> and growing one of these for a year in a 5 1/2
> gallon
> (unknowingly and in the dark for the most part, so
> phyto
> couldn't be the food... So what was? I think
> detritus and
> bacteria play more in mussel health than we might
> think :)
> Last night what I started with, kinda looked more
> like this...
> Tonight it looked like this...
> It's amazing how fast the biofilms lock up the fine
> silts. I figure
> I have a few more days of "slightly turbid" to
> "semi-tannic" and
> we're rockin'. Two 175 watt halides were enough,
> I'm not
> going to fuss with vho's.
> I have glitter lines again :)
> Time will tell how this thing goes, good or bad.
> Todd
> The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
> It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
> /

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