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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- mussels and crawfish
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All good info about the mussels, as I'm sure you've already seen. A place
to start with crayfish is "The Crayfishes of Missouri" if you're in the
Midwest. It has nice pictures, detailed descriptions, and will get you
familiar with crayfish "lingo". There are some species that cover very
broad areas, so you'll be able to ID them from this... If you go to the
Convention this year in Arkansas, you can probably impress us all with your
new found knowledge of crustaceans :)

Plus the citations are a great way to get to the next resources.

If you're in the West, Northeast or the Atlantic drainages of the SE... I
dunno where to point you to. There were a couple citations by a H.H. Hobbs
for the Smithsonian which were "atlases" but I've never seen them. Might be
a good thing to look up on an inter-library loan.


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> With all these emails on mussels I'm wondering what is the best way to
> identify species that you might come across. I'm pretty sure that a
> Peterson Field Guide to Mussels of the United States hasn't been released.
> Is there any field guide available? Also does anyone know of a Crayfish
> idendification guide? Thanks.

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