RE: NANFA-L-- topics for discussion

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- topics for discussion
From: Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 13:54:31 CDT

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Bob Sinclair wrote:

> Good questions. Faced with similar thoughts, it appears that many
> formerly active posters have simply decided it's just not worth the
> effort ... unless the subjects are limited to "biology, captive care and
> breeding, collection, and conservation of North American native fishes,
> as well as NANFA-related business and news items."

And what else would you suggest we talk about aside from native fishes
since this is a native fish discussion list?

Much of the guidelines for this email list were developed because of the
sheer number of posts that had nothing to do with fish. Many list members
dropped off because of this (me included). I don't think anyone will
leave this list because there aren't enough posts on it.

And to deal with Dave's earlier question...

> Now to the question: If conservation is an appropriate topic, given
> that politics and roles of individuals, states, and federal agencies are
> often-in-least as important to conservation as is science, when would
> discussion of these matters be germane to the furtherance of
> conservation, and would they be allowed in the context?

These are indeed interesting things to discuss, but they are also highly
divisive, and it is doubtful anyone arguing either side would ever change
their mind, nor sway anyone else's opinion. In the end everyone gets
pissed off, NANFA looses members, and we all suffer as a result. It is a
real pity, as obviously these are very important topics to many of us, but
their divisive nature makes things very difficult. Just try a search of
the nanfa archive under the keyword politics and you'll find lots of
interesting heated posts.

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