NANFA-L-- A word from the NANFA past

Subject: NANFA-L-- A word from the NANFA past
Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 19:07:28 CDT

In a message dated 8/31/2004 5:51:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Many of the people who are turning their back on NANFA today because of this
email list were here 10 years ago when NANFA had nothing -- no publication (or
a very shoddy and inconsistent one), no money, no conventions, no t-shirts,
no public outreach, no grants, no credibility and respect among the academic,
government, and conservation sectors -- and certainly no email list
I've been a member since 1982. The publication was not so slick as it is now
but it was written by members who kept and bred native fish and were proud of
it. I submitted articles and was very proud that they were printed. We traded
fish and made friends that have lasted over the years. And there was no
fighting or members leaving as there are now.
   Not the publication today written mostly by academics and fish/wildlife
people. If all I wanted to read was technical fish literature I would only read
  Not all the members can afford to travel to conventions. And If I want a
fish tee shirt there is a local K-mart.
   The conservation grants aspect seems to me to be a copy of the NFC. I
believe many of the members still keep and breed native fish and are interested in
information on them.
  You members that have only been in NANFA a few years have no right to put
down what NANFA was in the past.
   And no Chris 10- 20 years ago NANFA was NOT nothing it was something an
organization I was proud to be a member of. Something I'm not always so proud of
                       Andy Borgia

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