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Hi All,

I'm forwarding this message from a friend. Maybe some of our fine NANFA artists will respond.

All the Best,
Steven A. Ellis
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Subject: display for Asian swamp eel

Chattahoochee River National Rec Area has an exotic Asian swamp eel that
they would like to display along with an education sign about the
consequences of introducing exotic fish. However, I'm not an aquarium
expert and have limited knowledge about how to design something. I also
don't have any money. I was wondering if you, as NANFA, would be
interested in helping the park design a habitat for the critter along with
some signage. The difficult part about desiging a display for this critter
is that they are largely nocturnal and enjoy curling up in cavities during
the day. The park now has him in a 55 gal aquarium with a fake rock that
he hides in. I would think that one could design a display taking
advantage of this habitat by giving him a place to go that would also be
visible. Even if you, or others you know, cannot put something together
physically, some sort of design that the park could use to build the thing
would be helpful.

What do you think? Feel free to call to discuss if you want. I can patch
all three of us together on one line if need be.


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