Re: NANFA-L-- Shovelnose sturgeon, please read
Fri, 12 Aug 2005 01:07:55 EDT

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> I thought the sterlet itself was in serious trouble in its native
> Caspian Sea and other Caucasian and Russian waters. Don't we (via U.S.
> Fish and Wildlife Service) have regulations about importation of
> threatened or endangered species? Where does the sterlet stand with

I thought so too, but it turns out that it is easy to bred and easy to make
money with sterlets and as we all know money talks. Sterlets are being bred by
the millions, very few of them are being released into the degraded habitat
they are from. Most are being raised on farms for their eggs and flesh. To bad
that sort of effort couldn't be put into Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni or
Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni. I guess there isn't enough money to be made
from them.

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