Re: NANFA-L-- Could Elephants Become an Envasive Species?

Mysteryman (
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:18:27 -0700

Mike Bessert wrote:

>Good question... none so far that I'm aware of. But then, I guess I'd
>rather not test the hypothesis - not for fishes, not for terrestrial stock.
>I'm sure plenty of the transplants would do quite well. They certainly do
>well on open ranchland in Texas (ex. eland, addax, and other assorted
>African ungulates).
>Michael L. Bessert
>Lincoln, NE
I've seen wild Camels out there in the big open areas of nothing, and as
mentioned already many little ranches full of African mammals arleady
exist in many states, so they'd certainly do well in our country. Do
elephants know what winter is?

As for dolphins in the Mississippi River... no. River dolphins have
enough problems in their own habitats. I can't see them having half a
chance in the Big Muddy.

While on the subject of goofy conservation measures, I came up with a
doozy today.
I got a book in the mail, called "The Natural History of Native Fishes
in the Death Valley System. "
In this book is a map of Devil's Hole. The hole itself is huge, but the
Pupfish live only in the tiny little area on top in the sunlight.

How's THIS for a goofy plan:

Powerful, waterproof, underwater lights!
There are numerous places in the hole where lights could be hung from
the various chamber ceilings, fully illuminating the floors below them.
This could mimic the area of the tiny sunlit shelf, encouraging algal
growth and providing a much bigger useable area for the pupfish to feed
& spawn, all without having to move them to other refuge pools and
thereby limit the genetic diversity available in each resulting splinter

Whaddya think? Goofy enough for big gubmint spending?
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