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Bill Flowers (
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 18:40:27 -0500

A little collecting report from the Mooresville, Indiana way.
Shawn and I decided to go out Saturday and check out some small
streams near here and see what we find. What we found was a new place
to get SRBD and Redfin Shiners. We also found Creek Chubs, largemouth
Bass, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Spotfin Shiners, Bullheads(probably
yellow bellies), Orangethroat darters, Mottled Sculpin and Blackstripe
topminnows. There were some other young fish that I am not sure what
they are.
What I found interesting was that quite a few of the fish were
found in pools near bridges with no flowing water. Some of the pools
probably didn't have 100 gallons of water in them and the temperature
was in the high 70's. One pool was almost to hot to get in. I brought
a few of them home and some did die afterwards. Quite a few of them
have sunken stomachs and would probably die if left in the pools.
I presently have all the fish in a 40 long with an outside
filter and a large corner filter on it. Some are starting to eat
frozen Bloodworms and frozen Cyclopeze. Some are also starting to show
signs of fungus on the tails. If it doesn't rain soon we are going
back and "rescue" more of the fish.

Bill Flowers
White Lick drainage of Indiana
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