Re: NANFA-L-- pH and fin erosion/rot

Mysteryman (
Tue, 23 Aug 2005 17:43:17 -0700

Lori Austin wrote:

>I have a few tanks set up with grass pike. In one tank a small individual (3.5") appears extremely healthy, eats well etc. But, just recently I noticed the edge of all fins begining to turn white with some appearing ragged. I have read that extremes in pH may lead to fin rot...or stress that can cause bacterial fin rot. The pH of my tank is on the higher side of normal for freshwater-in-8.23. Is this higher than normal pH enough to cause stress that could lead to fin rot??? What are other causes if not and will salt help with the cure?
Why is your pH so high?
At that level, the ammonia in your tank can be a lot more toxic than it
would be-in-normal pH values, possibly causing-in-least some of your
problem. Have you tested your ammonia level?
Salt won't help with that, but it will help with nitrite if that's also
a problem. Otherwise I wouldn't personally bother with it unless actual
bloody finrot was confirmed.
Melafix & Pimafix are pretty good tonics which can help heal and stop
further damage, but getting your pH down to normal and giving the tank a
good cleaning would probably do a lot more good.
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