Re: NANFA-L-- California Natives - Now Suckers

Jerry Baker (
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 22:23:57 -0700

Crail, Todd wrote:
> White sucker - Euthenized just shy of 2 years when I took down the whirling
> infected tank. Was 13" and was well on his way getting too big for a 75
> gallon. Good species to start with. Be ready to put 'em down when they start
> klunking the sides too much if you don't have large aquaria. They get nasty
> lesions if they do that too often, and it'll happen faster than you'd like it
> to. Once they're able to eat frozen krill... they gain volume VERY quickly.

The Santa Ana Sucker is usually about 6" long as an adult. They aren't
large for a sucker species. They are morphologically very similar to
Mountain Suckers. Problem with that is, in California, the Mountain
Suckers are protected by the state also. Looks like I'll have to go to
Arizona or Nevada to get some of them. I'm concerned about transporting
the fish that far. I don't know what the laws on transporting them into,
or possessing them in the state are though.
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