Re: NANFA-L-- trout perch sensitivity

Irate Mormon (
Sat, 27 Aug 2005 22:27:54 -0400

Quoting Christopher Scharpf <>:

> > Is this species considered to be on the decline in general?
> Well, just about every aquatic species can be said to be in decline.
> Trout-perch, however, appears to be globally common. According to
> NatureServe:

Interesting search tool - Chris's research prompted me to do a little digging of
my own. I was struck by the fact that there are surprisingly few fishes listed
as S5 in Mississippi, so I did a database query on gambusia affinis. Well, that
one actually DID rank S5 for Mississippi, but in Arkansas, our next-door
neighbor, it is listed as S4, as it is in some other states. There is an
interesting map which shows conservation status by color for each state. I
wonder if Arkansas ranks ANY fish S5, if our good friend Damnbusia can't make
the grade?


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